Why am I wasting my time thinking about travel insurance? Why is it important for me?

Generally, people don’t what to pay for travel insurance, it’s wasting time and lose a lot of money, life becomes like ‘Fear-Factor challenges’, an American stunt/dare game show that originally aired on NBC, the more you scare of something the more excitement you will get.

Well, buying travel insurance is an investment and a safety net to secure you from the unplanned craziness of traveling, I bet you still don’t want to think about it, but eventually, you need it. will that costly?

Bad things can happen anytime:

  • Your bag was stolen, all passport and money were lost
  • Hit by a car in the middle of nowhere or because you were in the wrong time and place
  • Missed your flight, and you don’t have enough money to buy a new ticket
  • Spent 2 weeks in hospital Northern New Jersey after crashing car
  • When you got seriously injuries, and who will handle the bills?

Nowadays many people still think nothing happens with me after traveling from New York to Los Angles, or I just back with my family after travelling from Bali, nothing bad thing happened to me. Its not necessarily think about travel insurance, will that be the case?

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