Why am I wasting my time thinking about travel insurance? Why is it important for me?

Generally, people don’t what to pay for travel insurance, it’s wasting time and lose a lot of money, especially when we were young, we never think what will happen tomorrow even the day after tomorrow. Life becomes like ‘Fear Factor’ challenges, an American stunt/dare game show that originally aired on NBC, the more scared you think the more excitement you will get.

Well, buying travel insurance is an investment and a safety net to secure you from the unplanned craziness of traveling, I bet you still don’t want to think about it, but eventually you need it.

Bad things can happen anytime:

  • You bag was stolen, all passport and money were together in that bag
  • Car can hit you anytime, maybe you were in the wrong time and place
  • Missed your flight and you know that you dont have enough money to buy a new ticket
  • Spent 2 weeks in hospital Northern New Jersey after crashing car
  • When you got serious injured and no hospital nearby and you have no body to help you

Nowadays many people still think nothing happens with me after traveling from New York to Los Angles, or all is safe-and-sound after back from Vacation where 1 week spends time in Bali relaxing on the beach with ‘Old fashion’ drinks.

I no need to ever think about travel insurance, all were happened as per what I think, until then bad things happen to you then it will change everything.