Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Skip past your favorite radio station and listen to something from the opposite. I would recommend that try a cuisine you’ve never really tried before, not everything will be a new favorite, however Virgo will learn more about what you like.


You may feel from your the mysterious side of life. You may find yourself keep asking about  the meaning of life, as you looking for a guidance and wisdom from others, I see that your own intuition deserves to have the loudest voice, so its Okay to believe in yourself.

Virgo is associated with desire, check in with yourself not to to block your own fantasies. You will need a perfect balance of lust and trust before you go all in, and make sure you get it.


If you think that your latest obsession is a little more obscure, look for groups online and see what happens if you comment or share on the boards.

Being Virgos, your natural talents and creativity being salesmanship, you could make nail anything opportunities which passed but you need to keep in mind always believe in your own intuition. In any event, you will not be happy with the same old same old.


You may end up being the bearer of bad news, and if you are, then don’t feel pressured, because in the end, the information you withhold will be more helpful than harmful. It’s always better to be honest than to hold back, lies. Put yourself in the other person’s position which will benefit you. There is a good way to deliver bad news. All you have to do is respect the person you’re talking to.

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