Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

You are lucky that love life looks more positive this week. It’s an opportunity to take advantage of its presence if you haven’t already. This could be an excellent time to enhance your love life in any other way you choose.

Taurus tatoo
Tuesday is good for your finances, business, and sex 🙂 . With your curiosity it could bring an opportunity to research your options around business or money concerns or have an honest conversation with your partner about your sex life.

Taurus Tatoo

You will get insights into how you can boost your health, and a few of them might be worth considering.

Taurus Quotes

Your thoughtful, pragmatic sign doesn’t generally shoot from the hip, you might be better off keeping any heavy thoughts or feelings in the vault. However before and after the retrograde could better present some perfect opportunities for sharing intense musings and longings. If you’re lucky enough to have a partner who can understand you, go ahead and unleash, but even then, be mindful of the effect your words might have.

You could find yourself lost or scampering down rabbit holes chasing metaphysical. Strong emotions might distract you, whether you can articulate them or not. A jealousy, resentment and possessiveness, which could unglue even a solid union. Be more up-front about your desires and the type of person you’re looking for.

It may be challenging to explain what you’re feeling. Discussions about emotions can get wonky now, a former flame might spark back up. Taurus can’t let die a natural death? Of course this is an overreaction to something minor that caused the split, it may be worth reaching out with a friendly—and casual—hello.

You wanting to tend to your health. Share your enthusiasm with a buddy, don’t share it with the stranger whether romantic or platonic. Self motivation is your winning key.

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