Saving Tips

Avoiding visit any department stores is the most common advice given by people who think that makeup addicted must do, they might think it’s expensive buying lipstick ..etc, and better to check out local grocery store or discount stores such as Walmart or Target.

Basically, they all selling the exact same brands, if you can find them there then you could to the brand outlet or googling a discount cosmetic online, it will save your time without spending anything yet. Image if you spending 30 minutes in the department store which initially you want to buy a lipstick and end-up with buying a bunch of stuff that you might need but actually you don’t.


Well, that’s all true and have been proven to save your money a lot when buying a makeup, another alternative is ask your friend to buy it for you, this is to eliminate the energy of makeup addicted which I believe is in your blood , that the reason why you reading this article now. 🙂

If you’re a frequent Lush shopper, you’ll be well aware of their iconic black pots for things that come in cream, gel or lotion form. Unlike other packaging like plastic shower gel bottles, these can’t be recycled at home, so Lush have set up a scheme to recycle them in house.

And you still remember back to Mac, free lipstick every time returning six packaging containers this could be as alternative of saving your money more. And for Mac, If you want to recycle your shadow containers but you still have shadow left, learn how to de-pot the MAC shadow. 


You could save more money from easily DIY, pricey brush cleaner, The hot water trick also works for getting the clumps out of dried mascara, Get the last of any liquid makeup out of a tube using hot water and a small container, like a contact case, save money on liquid foundation by applying with a brush instead of a sponge, If you buy a lipstick but don’t like the color, layer it with another brand to make it last longer and look better, Get the last of any liquid makeup out of a tube using hot water and a small container, like a contact case.

If you’ve bought a new product and then decide you no longer want it, but aren’t able to get a refund, your best bet is probably to try and sell it.

Sites like Depop, as you can literally take a few snaps on your phone, upload them to your profile and sell in minutes. You are completely honest in the description about whether the makeup has been used at all, and make sure the price reflects this.

How about  Ebay, although it’s harder to compete against the professional sellers on here.

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