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There are frequently questions about red hair and questions about what products and how to keep it bright and alive like natural hair color. There are following pictures reference that you could see an idea of trends nowadays from all famous people.

red hair

red hair - back

red hair - julia robert

However, in short, I will share some tips on how people do the treatment and make your red hair looks great or for the ones who want to have a red hair you could read this out:

1. Outside Activity

Ensure that you reduce outside activity, the sunlight can significantly damage your hair.

2. Your Own Experiment

Create an experiment and have fun with hair dye parties, you could use your bathroom or any places which make you a little bit in private. Do it a couple times until you satisfied with the looks.

red hair - sandra bullock

3. Box Colors

It will save more money when you do the box colors at home, it is more economical. However, to build great experience with your red hair, you could probably need to visit box colors in many salons. Aiming to get more perspectives and see how they handled your hair correctly. I can never really give you a guarantee that you will have the same result but at least you could learn the way they do it directly. It helps you to think for products being used and the steps which could different one with another.

4. Other products

Try different hair products with gives you a lot of fun.

red hair - back 2


5. Hot Water

Please, never take a hot shower, still a myth that hot water can damage your red hair.

6. Garnier Nutrisse

Use Garnier Nutrisse hair color, it has a nourishing color cream, when you’re mixing up the color you have this like a little tube of oil that you squirt in the UM the dye.

7. Conditioner

Hair color conditioner, it helps your hair looks bright.

8. line intense auburn

The line intense auburn helps protect your hair from damage, and I bet your boyfriend will like your soft hair after using this product.

9. Garnier’s hair color

Garnier’s line of color, I think they’re great so I vote I vote Garnier’s hair color light intense Auburn.

10. The way washing your hairs

When you’re washing out your new beautiful red hair you will look at the bottom of your tub and see a bloodbath of red hair color everywhere the stuff is it just gets everywhere and it won’t stop like a week after you’re washing your hair you will have red water. And your tub for some reason red hair just likes to latch on and it likes to come off. So one thing you’re going to want to do it runs out your tub after you’re done dyeing your hair make sure you get all of that out of your shower take a couple water splash it around or if you have one of those great shower heads spray it everywhere get the read of your tub otherwise, it’s going to stain your tub it’s not going to be great um so when your hair is wet that’s when you’re going to really see that it’s going to get on things more.

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