Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

You have done all you can and someone else’s duty to carry it further. This release will lighten your load and make you feel free for a few days. Use this positive energy to reach out to friends, and have some laughs. Plan a few lavish adventures together if its possible for you.

Assess your cash flow by reviewing the year-to-date’s receipts, bills and credit card statements. If your outlay exceeds your income, it’s time for some mindful re-calibrating. This doesn’t necessarily mean going on an austerity diet. Credit card debt is a slippery slope and a tough one to climb out of, so halt the downward spiral.


Lets do some small activities like cooking more meals, skipping the five-dollar coffees and impulse shopping.

Pisces is an emotional creature, and you know you can be susceptible to retail therapy, especially when you’re upset or anxious. When those moods strike, “dose” yourself in other, healthier ways, like calling a friend and talking it out. Don’t forget the income column! With techie, communal Uranus wrapping up this chapter, you might be inspired to bring an online product to market or start a socially-responsible side hustle. Teaming up with friends on a money-making venture could also prove profitable. Just make sure you spell out everyone’s roles and earnings on the front end!

Piscess 2

If you’ve been saving up for a vacation, check out fares midweek because this new moon may reveal a super-saver or a retreat that has your name written all over it. You might hear from a collaborator (or possibly a love interest) who lives in a different city. Are there, uh, synergies worth exploring? Hop on a Zoom call, then, see if it’s worth moving things from screen time to real time.

Piscess 3

Seeds anything for a while now and some as far back as several years ago—will start to sprout or, if they’ve already broken through the dirt you’re being invited—urged! In your professional journey, don’t worry who’s “above” or “below” you, and whatever you do, don’t even think about apologizing for pursuing your own personal goals.

Piscess 4

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