Ear piercing

Both ear piercing and nose piercing have been particularly widespread and are well represented in historical records and among grave goods. The fact is the oldest mummified remains ever discovered were sporting earrings, attesting to the existence of the practice more than 5,000 years ago.

In your travel journey some of girl love to get add ear piercing to make it looks cool and trendy. However there are few things need your attention before doing that:


Recommend you to use a needle, not a gun

It’s hard to manage the sterilization of a tool with plastic parts which can be done by a needle as an alternative, with it we have more control of accuracy, and it’s totally sterile. It works like a scalpel and leaving minimal damage to the area. It’s fact that the gun hurts less and a needle piercing is done properly, the pain is very minor which it true.

Make sure its healthy

Keep an eye to any processes of piercing to make sure it save, but you also need to consider your body to be ready to keeping your body hydrated. A healthy diet is always important but especially after a piercing. Bumping, snagging or sleeping on new piercings could cause an irritating.

Twice a day –  wash with soap and water only for fresh piercing

More people think using alcohol is the right treatment after piercing, let me tell you something that alcohol dries the piercing out, when its too dry it will cracks and bleeds, causing wound to remain open. Better suggestion is to use oil-based-soap, it will remove all bleeds easily and healing your skin.

Conventional healing

Suggest you to wash your hand with soap and water when touching new piercing. It will keep healthy and make sure you rinse off the area with warm water

You will know when it gets healing

Normally ear lobes take about three months to heal, and cartilage takes up to 10 months. You will know its healed with noticing few indications, stops hurting, swelling, and secreting fluid, and any redness disappears.


Healing process will need a patient which people dont know its actually helping our body to heal 100%.  If you do this regularly like soap and water to clean, and ice for the swelling, it save you from skin problem or anything relates with piercing body effect.

Don’t panic when the piercing is bothering

Do not stress yourself when notice swelling, redness or radiating hear, its only irritated and not infected. And logically if you think your piercing is irritating you a lot better remove it. If you notice of swelling, redness, or radiating heat, or if the piercing is secreting fluid, don’t stress—nine out of 10 times, your piercing is only irritated and not infected, Do not panic and the worst case just remove the jewelry from it.

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