A lot of people saying blondes have more fun is true. Most of the time it gives value of attractive looks, especially for all Adams. These are some tips to keep your blonde hair beautiful healthy.

However, you might interesting to see more blonde hairs that I took from different sources who might giving you more ideas how your blonde hair should looks beautiful.

blonde 1

Blonde 2

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1. Coloring is matter

Find colors that you trust and you love. Remember find a color its like find someone that you love.

2. Consultation

Go find someone in your area get a consultation feel each other out yeah make sure the vibe make sure they know what they’re doing .

3. Regular treatment

Do the treatment at least two times a week, always remember you need to do this to win someones heart… 🙂

4. Violent Shampoo

It’s important to not only use violent shampoo on a need basis if you use it every single day then your hair is going to get gray and grows and no one wants that another addition to your hair-care routine.

blonde 4

5. Moisturize

Make sure your hair well moisturize so a good rule of thumb is every time you moisturize your face morning and night moisturize your hair with a good oil.

6. Oil is a must

When talks about oil, now that your hair is blonde you’re going to have to use way more oil in your hair in order to keep it more healthy.

7. Alcohol product

Avoid products with high amounts of alcohol and sulfites in them so there are good types of alcohol and bad types of alcohol in hair products bad types of alcohol obviously are drying but other types of alcohol can actually help with the health of your hair that’s a mouthful fatty alcohols are hydrating ingredients to add light shine and moisture to your hair.

8. Sun killer

Sometimes the Sun does you wrong and really screws up your hair color in pictures

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