Traveling with Pets

Recently, Tara Reid has been kicked off flight for customer disturbance reason in the her flight from Los Angeles to New York City by Delta Flight.

Tara Reid
The complain started when she asking why she are being given a window seat or pillow however in another statement she was told to stow her dog in an overhead bin, and simply refused. Even though she has paperwork Delta’s staff still wouldn’t let her dog ride on her lap and only offering an option of overhead or cargo hold storage. All situation can be understandable when you knowing she traveling with 3month-old cute dog, and the good decision that she made was she calmly boarded another flight.

Some people in the world are fascinating with the pets, and you might know in the some circumstances people would like to have a pets accompanied them and spend the rest of their life with the pets, not matter how.

Back to 2016, you might still remember actress Andie MacDowell was “bumped” from first class by American Airlines because of her dog, due to having a bulkhead seat, her pup’s carrier could not be stowed beneath the seat in front of her.

Andie Mcdonalds

It is important to know that some Airlines allows pets to travel in aircraft cabins with their owners under certain circumstances. However there were a lot of questions came after the Airline has announced that allowing pets in aircraft cabins such question like “what about people with animal-related allergies who would like to avoid an uncomfortable flight” or “potentially disease” or “there is no way to state that a passenger is allergic to cats and dogs when making reservations online”?

Since pets generate revenue for airlines from fees, it is unlikely that a pet will be removed from a flight only because another passenger complains. In addition, the Department of Transportation requires service animals to be allowed on flights, so airlines have no wiggle room there at all.

Having saying that, I would recommend people traveling with the Pets that they love like their own family, and why not.

To help this out, these are few tips that you might consider when traveling with Pets:


1. Right Airline

Choose the Airline which regularly allows pets.

2. Heatlh Check

Flying with Aircraft can be stressful for the animal.

3. Dog Passport

Pet immigration laws are specific to each country, but one way to cut down on some of the headaches is to create a pet passport.

4. Pet Preparation

Check a list of pet carrier requirements.

5. What to do on board

Check any potential hazards include poor ventilation and extreme temperatures. Bear in mind the size restrictions for animals.

6. Changing Rules

Always check the update rules even though some news that you might heard from your colleague.

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