Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leo family may not understand how difficult it is to let go, but they do understand how important it is right now. If you don’t see any reward to what have you been through, it’s because you don’t realize and understand how far you’ve come.


Get comfortable and have a long chat with someone who knows you inside and out. They have the perspective to see that you have made huge progress, and they’re ready to convince you.

Desperately seeking is the Leo truths!  During that the time, you likely grew and experimented in many “ninth house” ways—going back to school, publishing books, launching a start-up, any non-profit organization, or traveling the world to discover the meaning of life.


For the next five months, you could feel another gale force pushing you in such directions—and far OUT of any predictable boxes. If you’re feel bored, you could feel like you’re trapped in a too-tight skin. Five months from now, the goal is to advance to the next stage of the game without sacrificing the principled lifestyle you’ve developed over the past two-plus years.

Shift your attention to more mundane matters, As you’ve been ruminating over global affairs, some home fires may be fizzling out. Anytime you need your place to feel like is your kingdom. This is true if you’re unhappy living alone in your journey.

Rise and shine and dress to impress starting Thursday, this ain’t no dress rehearsal, Leo. It’s legit showtime. And, since the fifth house is associated with similar traits to those of your sign, It’s in your own best interest to step forward and self-promote. It may harder than usual, however if you’re being honest with yourself, a part of you is ready to take your show on the road, people will you differently in the good way.


You may have been working alone on your “masterpiece” during the hibernation period of the past year-plus. Now it’s time for your big reveal. Reach out to old friends or back to your networking that who might be able to help you get your creations into the public eye.

You could find yourself on the road or if you’re touring with your beloved, your experiences may be like superglue for your bond. Leos may finally feel like it’s time to add a kid or pet with this then Leo can enjoy all the process and not to put pressure on yourself.

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