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Everyone want to hear a stranger or someone that you know saying to you, “You hair is so beautiful, I wish I had curly hair like you do”. Well the good news everybody looks beautiful to me, it just a matter of taste and feeling.

However, we got some easy tips to help you to protect your curly hairs from damage.

These are curly hairs trend that I want to  share to you as a reference to give you more
idea, just in case your hair is straight and want to look beautiful with some curly pattern.

curly 1

curly 2

Curly 3

Here the easy tips for your curly hairs:

  1. Shampoo ratio

Ratio between shampoo and conditioner: 1/3 shampoo to two thirds conditioner ratio and you’re just gonna want to whip it on up.

2. Shower tips

In the shower if you feel like you have really really dry ends, I recommend putting a little bit of conditioner on the ends of your hair.

3. Conditioner

Conditioner will help protect your hairs from drying out when you are shampooing especially in the winter time, because people most likely used a lot of heat for their hairs.

Curly 4

4. The vanity planets

Starting brushed this thing is bumped commies every single time shampoo your hair.

5. Cold water

When you rinse your hair with cold water it helps to clothes your hair cuticle and not let any of the moisture that you just put in your hair escape.

6. T-Shirt

Creating a little bit of a looser wave in your hair. When you are really really lazy highly recommend not to put any hair products in your hair, you could use your T-Shirt to cover it up so it can protect your hair from damage while you are not using product.

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