Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Somehow you recognizing the value of sharing ideas which you might dont think this is important before. You have been influencing the others, so be sure you’re around the right people.

Gemini tatoo

Wednesday and Thursday see you dreaming about a career change, new work opportunities could crop up within days, I would recommend to polish up your online profiles so anyone searching your name can see your professionalism at a glance, make sure your resume, LinkedIn, or any presentation materials are up to date.

You might be asked to pitch or interview at a moment’s notice! Good thing your garrulous sign has a gift for charming on your feet.and  perhaps you’re ready to do something more creative than what you’ve been doing. But make sure you change on your personal emotion ocean.

Gemini Tatoo 2

Friday some real goals begin to take shape, make sure you understand how to get your goal and get a preference of plan which leads you into the right direction. Dont hesitate asking a help from your partner, i would think fair enough to let your partner sitting in the same bus like you do, she might has her opinion to help you to get your real goal.

Gemini tatoo 3

Please give me a favors to meet you friend on this Saturday, I think she has some smart advice for you. Solicit their input. you might need to open if you want to attract your partner.  Spend Sunday talking about the future.

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