Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

One thing you can rely more than anything is your energy, Capricorn! When you begin your morning routine, your synapses will spring to life and you’ll be ready to meet anything the day has to offer.


One excellent use of your energy would be to rally the troops and get some real teamwork going. Your spirit is likely to be contagious, and you can affect the environment around you more than ever before, whether it’s work, home or the dating scene.


Creating a calm and centered home life—heck, actually have time to BE at home. On Tuesday, you may experience some shifts (even dramatic ones) with family, roommates and your home. On the up side, there’s been excitement and possibly hoped-for changes. For the next six months you may finally get resolution with a relative whose unstable behavior made your life INTENSE for the past 3 years. Or, if work has kept you on the road more than you’d prefer, you might actually decide that it’s time to move to a more convenient location—or reshape your life so that you can be home a bit more often.


Make time for your inner circle, especially the ones who are always there for you, the ones that you loves. Even if you have to beg off on a few fun engagements, this reversal can help you reset your priorities. Some Capricorns may be inspired to redecorate or renovate—but don’t do anything rash.


Teamwork makes the dream work on Wednesday. You’re no stranger to hustling solo, but it’s getting pretty lonely (and exhausting!) at the top. The key to a successful alliance, however, is to only team up with people who bring a measure of expertise to the table. The last thing you need, O capable one, is another trainee. Find people who have legit experience in their field, and can take some work out of YOUR hands. Socially, this new moon can point you towards new groups who fit your latest interests. Let yourself dabble before filling out any membership papers, though. Sometimes it’s fun to just hang on the periphery and drop in as you wish.

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