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Since there are so many amazing trends this year and I really want to talk about is patterns I can’t be the only one that has been seeing plaid and checkered and all these amazing other patterns online or industry or in magazines.

Two weeks ago I did borrow some clothes from my sister’s closet because a most of her clothes up-to-date to the trends that I’m gonna be talking. About like this IMG yet set right here there’s no way in hell that you haven’t seen this set before they’re just pink up plaid pants that have a zipper going up and a pink halter top. Honestly I think it is the cutest thing in the it’s definitely clueless vibes.

I haven’t two pants from Urban Outfitters, actually this one came in a literally yesterday I got so many compliments on these I also have this pair that’s just great and honestly so soft a best material in the world I have a few other items with a similar pattern and I can definitely see why this trend is so in why every celebrity out there is wearing it.

It’s just so 90s and I really like the look that they have on it you could pair a pattern with a plain top or bottom and your outfit will look on point just because the pattern and design will be so out there another trend that I’ve been seeing a lot recently are these sheer like blouses and floral designs and patterns and cute little dresses now if we were back in 2013/14 and you showed me these clothe.

I would literally look at them and be like am I trying to look like a gypsy here I used to think that floral patterns and polka dots were so disgusting I hated them with a passion but now I have come around the corner and I have really started to like them you guys have seen me wear this top before I think it is so adorable it’s black and it has a white polka dots it’s flowy and kind of see-through there’s a brand called realization part.

I want to buy every single thing that they’re selling on their website. I think their clothes are so cute and so adorable except they are really expensive so I do try to find dupes like this one I got from urban this is a dress I snatched from my sister’s closet.

Black long Sleeve

It has white polka dots similar to the sheer top I showed again so cute like just like so 60s. I want to say another top I got from Urban Outfitters was this black sheer long-sleeve at top with the cute little flowers on it and if you show this to 11 year old nails she would be in the corner throwing up who would have thought that that girl would buy this three years later even if you look at this and you’re like that is so ugly what could you even wear this with just like imagine yourself wearing this with like a cute lace black bra let some black shorts and black Doc Martens and a pair of cute sunglasses and some rings.

I think that is such an amazing outfit I would definitely wear that out and I’m definitely going to wear that out.  I will be seeing this little guy when it gets warmer speaking of Doc Martens chunky boots are definitely coming back this winter, I have it two pairs here at with me these are the black original boots and these are the white ones,and I have worn each pair so many times I’m really digging the I’m too lazy but I still want to look put together and I’m just  taking a casual stroll around New York that’s the vibe that I get with this shoe I think the white ones are so dope and I haven’t really seen anyone wear them except for Haley Baldwin the Queen rocks Doc Martens. She has like literally every single pair and every time she wears them I melt inside and die a little because she pairs them with such amazing outfits and everything just looks so amazing on her.

black sheer long-sleeve at top

Whenever I see something like this I can just like imagine her wearing like a basic white shirt under this and like some cute jeans and it just I don’t know I really love it I also have this top that I got from Cancun and it is so cute again with the patterns we were back you see a little bit of each trend.

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