Aries (Mar 21-Apr19)

Last week intensity has given changed signs. Before this, you might get a lucky gain your fortunate blend of energies and enjoying a financial boon, even for the small bite. There are opportunities, especially around Monday.

Arief Tatoo

On hard Tuesday, the focus shifts to your sector of travel and study. I would recommend you to be eager to explore new interests or get out more if you are the worker need a vacation or you are the student you need a new place to hang-out, make a new friend out there.


Arief Tatoo

The relationship is costing you and because of this, you will take a few decisions. Don’t worry that is normal and do not make it too complicated for you.

Aries tatoo

Be careful what you wish that you may be exploding with something you’re dying to get off. There’s no telling what might come flooding out, even though you would feel tremendous relief at unburdening yourself, and believe or not that intense energy still has to go somewhere. So please don’t be surprised with the way you tell the news or expressing your feeling or opinion practically knock someone. If you think this has the potential affecting another person, be mindful of where and how you spill any tea. Think through what you want to say—take a moment before you say something will help you to say it correctly with timely manner—and if you are in the working place, please rehearse it a few times as this will lead you to “damage control.”

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