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1. Hot water

If you’re cold all the time or in the peak of summer just like off season or in winter, this is an absolute lifesaver. You just put against you to warm you up it’s also great for cramps like if you’re somebody who likes putting heat on your stomach or on your back and you have cramps on your period

2. Ibuprofen

These are like the holy grail of pills every woman should have some ibuprofen in their bag not only are they great for period cramps, they are also amazing for sunburns like if you were out tanning a little too long and you get a sunburn pop a couple ibuprofen sand, I dare to bet that you will feel so much better it reduces the inflammation on your skin

3. Portable hair dryers

That have dual voltage conversion so you can switch the voltage ease it and North America you can use it in Europe you can get mini hair straighteners so you can straighten your hair you can also put little curls in it you can also get mini hair curlers mini hair size appliances, however some hotels is already provide it for all guesthouses you only need to check their website before you booked the room

4. Toiletries

I’d highly recommend investing in some of these because you will save a lot of space and a lot of weight in your luggage by using mini sized versions of toiletries dry shampoo is another Holy Grail product of the female traveler along with new regulation which not allow us to carry the liquid things no more than 999ml

5. Powder

I always carry some powder with me everywhere, this is really awesome just blot some on your face when you get off plane or on a long day where could be sunny and sweat

6. Brush cleaners

If you take any kind of makeup brushes when you were traveling you know that you generally need to clean them there are brush cleaners that you can get and you can clean your brushes with it it works honestly just the same as brush cleaners is really easy to find everywhere.

7. Clothes water packs

These are pretty much a staple for all my travels. I like to bring these little like prepackaged laundry packs then you can just open them up put them in a sink some washing so if you have like a shirt or maybe some underwear or something else that you really want to wash super quick when you’re on the road.

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