You might know that Hawaii is an isolated volcanic archipelago in the Pacific. You also might imagine the landscapes of cliffs, waterfalls, beaches with different color of red, gold, black and some beaches has green sands textures, you will see tropical foliage and in total there are 6 islands in Hawaii.

Honolulu is the most popular place where we people will visit the most, because of
the Waikiki beach and Pearl Harbor’s world war two.

In these islands you will find a lot of activities such as snorkel, scuba dive, surf and you
could swim after enough for the sun heats.

1. Pearl Harbor National Historic Landmark

A historical landmark of the at most importance the memorials at Pearl Harbor commemorate the infamous day that America’s involvement in World War two began the USS Arizona Memorial is a waste top visitor destination seeing over 2 million visitors each year.

pearl harbour1

Pearl Habour 2

Pearl Harbour 3

2. Waikiki

Waikiki a beautiful Beach neighborhood full of hotels resorts and restaurants people flock here from all over the world Waikiki Beach is famous in its own right since surfing was invented at the first time.

Wakiki 1

Wakiki 2

Wakiki 3

3. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

A home to the world’s largest active volcano, an incredible natural phenomenon you need to see however you can take the crater rim drive tour to get an overview of the parks offerings or join a day hike to get up close.

Volcano 1

Volcano 2

4. The island of Lanai

Personally if you’ve never had the chance to see an active volcano don’t miss Kilauea for lanai the island of Lanai now primarily privately owned was once the world’s largest producer of pineapples now however it’s known for picturesque beaches phenomenal diving.

Lanai 1

Lanai 2

Lanai 3

5. Kiha Covello

Incredible beauty kiha Covello also known as the Garden of the Gods is full of Hawaiian history featuring rock towers spires and lovely views of the ocean experienced divers should be sure to head to the lanai Cathedral site to dive in massive underwater lava tubes five mana key summit Mauna Kea is a dormant volcano the peak of which is the waist highest point.

Garden of God1

Garden of God 2

Garden of god3
6. The Nakai Beach

A perfect place to sunbathe while the calm protected waters of Kailua Bay are perfect for watersports strong swimmers and kayakers can also venture to the bays offshore islands here you’ll find hidden coals beautiful views and even the bird sanctuary eight akaka falls state park at the Big Island of Hawaii you’ll find the akaka falls state park the perfect  place for nature lovers will have their fill of beaches follow the akaka falls loop trail through lush vegetation and you’ll wind up at the four hundred and forty-two foot high akaka falls themselves a beautiful sight looming above the gorge below you can also spot the cascading Kahuna Falls if you want some great waterfall pics Akaka is the park for you nine mice had roamed the postcard-perfect town of analyzed along.

Kaula 1

Kaula 2

Kaula 3