You might be able to dress to impress but can you bring some of the cringes fashion trends back in style if you don’t know how to style 80’s and 90’s clothes stick around to learn because you’ll probably need to know how to rock puffy sleeves by the end of 2018.


You might heard that right platforms and wedges are a 90s pick but became a cringe fashion trend after but not anymore people have always wanted to be taller than they actually are and heels aren’t always comfortable so it only makes sense to bring back the one and only wedges wedges date back to 220 BC but of course they changed a lot until they became a massive trend in the 90s


Everybody was wearing wedges and they became the ultimate summer clothing Jennifer Aniston Gwen Stefani and even Beyonce they all had their own spin on the wedge fashion the trend died down with the arrival of fashion heels but heels haters rejoice because wedges are coming back we’re not sure we can welcome back wedges in their true 90s style which is why these modern shoes have been slightly transformed to rival with the rest of the fashion the new wedges are slightly more sophisticated and much more minimalist than the trend you might remember but 23 we’re welcoming this comeback that is slowly starting to creep back in the fashion world the question is are these here to stay what do you think about Wedges

Choker necklaces

If you spend enough time in the fashion world we’re pretty sure you notice this comeback trend over the past few years the choker necklaces were the 9 a trend that mainly belong to specific group of school kids such as the Goths are those that refer to themselves as emo but did you know that the actual history of the choker necklaces dates back to hundreds of years.

choker necklaces

Although they didn’t always have a good reputation these necklaces were often worn during the French Revolution and later as a fashion statement by the wealthy the 90s had the regular chokers along with what was called the plastic tattoo choker which came with little patterns and it definitely wasn’t as comfortable as you might think but what’s with this choker comeback the fashion trend was first noticed on influencers like Kim Kardashian kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid fashionistas even state but you can’t call it a nineties trend anymore as we have adapted it to the modern times and made it the ultimate fashion accessory and it’s not made just for a specific group of people either like it was in the 90s pretty much anyone can wear the choker

Fanny packs

Fanny packs got another shot at taking over the fashion world what do you like it or not say history of fanny packs aka bum bag states back to the fifties and sixties although there seems to be a lot of misinformation on who actually invented them at first fanny packs were popular with European skiers who used them instead of putting on backpacks while going down the slope they were ideal for storing sandwiches and other things you might need after a long day of skiing, and then came the 80s and fanny packs officially became one of the most popular fashion accessories ever.

They were so common they were even given out as freebies at random events Dwayne the rock Johnson advertised the fanny pack is the ultimate chick magnet but then it became too popular and the interest shifted elsewhere until now fashion runways have seen the return of fanny packs scheduled for spring 2018 and they’re not your regular old skool fanny packs these have a brand new style and a new price tag even Kendall Jenner has sported some pretty amazing looking.

Crop tops

Started in the 90s this fashion trend had a mix response with the public the first time it appeared and it still does now even though times changed we’ll explain what we mean in just a little bit but first let’s talk about the history of the crop-top it all started in Bollywood and the crop-top was introduced by some belly dancers in 1893.

crop tops

It took a while before the crop-top took off in colder climates but the West definitely had a lot of fun with this new fashion trend it really took off in the 40s but not everyone was on board because of its issue with being too revealing for the past few years the crop-top became a normal fashion item and while some women in the 40s got fined for their revealing clothing women today are ready to clap back at anyone who wants to body shame people for wearing whatever they want crop tops will forever be a controversial fashion


What kind of overalls – Super Mario wear denim denim denim if you got this joke anyways it seems that a lot of people have a love/hate relationship with denim denim jeans will probably never go out of style but there are definitely plenty of fashion rules you have to follow if you do wear them and one of them is to never ever put denim on denim seriously ever denim jeans were invented more than 100 years ago in Germany.

denim denim

They became an instant hit but have you ever heard of the rule that you shouldn’t pair denim with denim it’s something people in the 80’s and 90’s seem to do without an issue but if you did that in the modern times you’d get a lot of weird looks and you’d probably break more than a few fashion rules well according to fashion instagramers and celebrities.

You just need to know how to style denim on denim properly to pull it off and there are definitely ways you can bring this cringy trend back and make it cooler than ever we’re not sure we’re excited by denim on denim but hey we’re ready for this challenge puffy sleeves now this is a real cringe alert we’re not sure we’re ready for this eighties trend is making a comeback and not everyone seems to be happy about it we totally get it don’t worry puffy sleeves were a total eighties fashion in the world of windbreakers it’s only fitting that women also wear comfortable clothes that aren’t too tight on their bodies even Princess Diana had a wedding dress with puffy sleeves but looking back on this fashion trend we just don’t understand how that would look comfortable at all but get ready because 2018 will bring another fashion challenge we’ll just have to embrace the return of the puffy sleeves seriously.

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